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Ag Talk is a new podcast dedicated to taking a deeper look into Utah agriculture and food production. Our goal is to help give our listeners a better understanding of how their food is grown, introduce them to those who work in the industry every day, and help explore difficult topics such as agriculture water use. We also aim to help Utah's farmers and ranchers have a better understanding of the programs avaialble to them. 

Oct 9, 2023

When it comes to the discussion about water conservation, much of the focus and often blame has been placed on one crop; alfalfa. Jokingly referred to as the A word, alfalfa is one of most commonly grown crops in the state of Utah and one of the most missunderstood. In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Matt Yost, Associate Department Head and Professor of Plant, Soils, and Climate at Utat State University. Dr. Yost helps us better understand alfalfa, why its grown in Utah, and whether or not it is a net benefit. 

For more information on the discussion points in this episode, refer to Ten Reasons Alfalfa is Highly Suitable For the West.